3 Sure-fire Ways To Make Money Online with just a PC and Internet

The list of ways to make money online is endless. Just google “make money online” and you’ll get over a billion search results!

But in this definitive post, I will show you three sure-fire ways to make money online regardless of your country of residence (eBay is out of the options for some of us) or your Education (a good written English is all you need).

And as long as you have a PC that is connected to the internet, you’re set! You don’t even need to have any expensive or non-free software on the PC.

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I’m sure you’re already eager to know these sure-fire ways. I won’t delay any further.

1. Blogging

Ever searched for the internet millionaires in your country? Then you’ll notice that they all have blogs and most of them make the bulk of their online money from blogging.

Blogging is perhaps the surest way to make money online. Though the start is always slow and difficult, a perfect example of an uphill task. But once you start getting enough traffic that earns you some $$ monthly, then it becomes a jolly ride. In fact, it becomes your easiest way of earning money.

Remember that popular video documentary on the world’s richest, the clip that showed how much Bill Gates make while sleeping at night. Well, you can edit that video and put yourself there, ‘cos you’ll also be making money while sleeping. And trust me, I know of no easier way to make money.

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Now you might say, if that’s true why aren’t all bloggers millionaires? I’ll tell you why. But I’ll prefer to rephrase the question to – Why aren’t all bloggers millionaires yet? Because as long as your blog meets a need, and you post regularly, and you do your SEO right and you don’t quit; you’ll definitely become an internet millionaire.

Now back to – Why?

The reason most bloggers aren’t making it big from blogging is that it takes time, lots of hard-work and consistency. It took me 4 years to make my first $100. It took some people 2 years and a few lucky ones 6 months. But once the money start rolling in, it will require a catastrophe (something like a ban on your adsense account) for the money to stop coming in.

If you’re new to the whole blogging idea, then read through Don Caprio’s collections on Blogging

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is simply helping other people with their work, selling your time and/or expertise. Now don’t start thinking you need to have a special skill to sell. You already know how to type, make phone calls and send emails. With just that you can become some very busy fellow’s Virtual Assistant. You can get paid to help check and respond to mails.

And if you are good with Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint or WordPress. Then you can make easy cash freelancing. I recently made $180 for a couple of hours job, helping a UK guy with some Excel work. So while your blog is still not yet bringing you much money, you can make money freelancing. And if you’re very good, you’ll get repeat business and good recommendations; which translate to more big jobs for you. I occasionally get unsolicited offers because of the recommendations my previous clients left for me.

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Where can you freelance online?

There are sites like oDesk.com (the one that’s made me the most money), elance.com (more for those with some professional skills) and Guru.com. There are definitely more freelance sites (the popular Fiverr.com, ifreelance.com and peopleperhour.com) But the 3 I mention first are the ones that worked for me as a Nigerian, they do not restrict payment to a Paypal account or other account types that are not functional for Nigerians. I even know of a guy that makes his living solely by freelancing on oDesk and he lives large.

3. Paid Surveys.

You can also get paid to do surveys. There are always companies and research bodies that are willing to pay people to fill a survey form. It’s easy cash, and can bring in up to 100 dollars a month if you put in enormous time to finding opportunities.

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Though, I prefer the other two sure-fire ways and I don’t even take a second look at paid survey offers I find in my mailbox, it nevertheless provides a sure cash.
About.com has a good comprehensive article on Paid Surveys, you’ll even learn how to spot ones that are a scam.

So there you have it, the 3 sure-fire ways to make money online!

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  • Hi my guy for the few days that I followed your blog I have learnt a lot from you,but there's one problem that I want you to help me solve I have the privilege to chat with one of the customer care of this paid midea jobs and she told me clickbank has blacklisted Ghana from engaging in any of the online jobs under their jurisdiction I don't know what to do.From u I learnt how requested for payooner master card which I shall use for my PayPal account creation and it's due this month. Please give me advice on what to do thanks

  • Great tips don caprio. That part you said "it took me 4 years to make my first $100" is a great source of motivation to me never to give up. Thanks

  • hi guy, i have been following your blog for a while now, i live ideas keep it. am a web developer and graphics design.

  • Awesome article dude
    It’s great to read your blog. Thank you very much for sharing this great post
    Great information throughout the article and have the opportunity to build trust with someone who has showed willing to learn more about your work. Thank you so much for your great effort! Really I am learning a lot from yours posts.
    I appreciate you not only sharing what we need, but providing the tools needed to make it happen.
    This post is helpful not only for the newbies it is useful to all other bloggers to.
    Thanks and keep sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing quality information and important for help those who want to live on the internet Internet Business .

  • Great Article Mike. This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it. I always tell my readers, Freelancing is the sure & quickest way for anybody, especially newbies wanting to make cash online. Simple as carrying your existing offline skills online in exchange for cash in a global market place. If African youth can identify the enormous potential of this opportunity, they'll stop complaining of unemployment. I made my first dollar online via freelancing. Definitely the way to go. Blogging is great, but takes time and effort. Unfortunately, most people burn out quickly on this journey.

  • Hi Babanature, thanks for your comment.
    They are real money making ways. Have a great weekend too!

  • Hello Michael,
    I believe your 1st and 2nd tip because they can indeed do what people are talking about them. I am a blogger that is is serious in his game and my freelance job do pays well :).
    Nice tips and do have a wonderful weekend

  • I have a question if you have a moment. I found your teaching through Aidan Booth and I have learned so much from him. I have been able to get some rankings in several niches. However, it has always been keywords where I have an exact match domain, or the keyword is very prominent in the domain name.

    My trouble is that I feel I am VERY ignorant in how to rank long tail keywords that aren’t in my domain name, and that is a real weakness in my IM skills. Can you suggest a resource, or materials that I can study and learn techniques to rank long tails that aren’t in my domain name?

    Thanks much

  • Is it really possible to make money online, but there are lots of sharks in the field. do research before entering into anything. It requires lots of dedication once you find the product.

    • Yeah Tushar, you're very right!
      Dedication and due diligence are vital.

      Thanks for the insightful comment.