3 Reasons why the iPhone is Better than Android Phones: Infographic

You’re probably going to dispute this if you own an Android phone and its understandable. Android is a great OS, I’m not disputing that. It’s open source, owned by Google, cheap, blah blah. I may even get an Android phone in the near future because I kinda like Samsung Galaxy SII but right now, I believe iOS is a lot better than Android.

I’m not saying this because I own an iPhone, I’m sure you’ll understand my point of view though you may not agree. iPhone is the smartphone that defined what we call smartphones today and credit goes to Apple for that. Samsung, HTC, and other Android phone makers are simply following what Apple started.

Hey, we’re not here to discuss the history of smartphones, just three reasons why you should choose iPhone over an Android smartphone.

1. There are way more applications for iPhone than Android

You probably won’t believe this but it’s true. Android is open source and this has helped its development in recent years but developers are still developing more apps for iOS. Apple Apps Store has way more applications than Android’s Google Play, Microsoft’s store and Blackberry Apps World that sucks big time! The factual infographic is based on real research and I’m sure you’ll be convinced.

Infographic created by Dot Com Infoway

According to the infographic’s statistics, there are 585,000 apps on the Apple store, 450,000 apps on the Android market and 82,234 apps available at present on Microsoft’s store. Developers will always prefer to develop for iOS because it’s a good market, end users get quality apps and not the crappy things you sometimes see on Google Play.

2. With an iPhone, you won’t have to worry about virus attacks

There no single antivirus application for iPhone and do you know why? You don’t need it. There are recent reports that Google Play is now flooded with malwares and spywares. Since it’s open source, all sort of people are developing apps for android and this aids the spread of viruses. This is one of the most important things you should consider before buying an Android phone. iPhone is a lot better, I repeat! Kapersky was trying to develop a security application for iOS but Apple declined. According to Kapersky,

Attacking the iOS platform is “more complicated” than other attacks and that cybercriminals are currently content to attack other platforms.

3. iOS user interface looks much better, smooth and the graphics is amazing

It’s a fact that iPhone screens are still only 3.5 inches, but they usually come with higher resolution and brighter colors than most Android phones. Ever since the first iPhone was created in 2007, Apple devices have been very responsive to touch unlike some Android products that lag and often freeze. Also, you can’t compare iPhone’s virtual keypad with that of Android. It’s extremely accurate.

We all know Flash support used to be the edge Android OS has over iOS but Adobe is dropping support for Flash on mobile devices so, what now?

Okay, Android users are going to dispute this and I really like to hear what you have to say. Can you give me valid reasons why I have to dump this cool iPhone for an Android phone?


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