15 Reasons Your Facebook Account May be Suspended / Disabled / Banned

Just last year, about five people on my Facebook friends list got their account disabled by the Facebook team for reasons best known to Facebook only. These guys actually did nothing wrong…or so they think. There are several reasons why Facebook may disable your account. You should also know that being a Facebook user for years is not enough to give your account any form of immunity.

If you’re into serious social marketing, it’s advisable not to put all your eggs in a basket, explore other opportunities on Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google Plus, and the rest of them. Anyway, that’s not the main issue here, I’m just going to list below possible reasons why your Facebook account may be suspended.

1. Using a fake name

This is the reason most Facebook accounts get suspended. What do you expect when you use the name of an object as a name? Always use your real name on Facebook and even if you must use a fake name, it should be listed as an alias.

2. Posting on walls in rapid succession

When you’re posting stuffs or links on friends’ wall and groups rather too fast, Facebook might have a feeling you’re a bot and kick you out. Some of these bans can be automated so be careful.

3. You’re sending too many friend requests

Sending too many requests or sending friend requests to people you don’t know might get you into trouble. There’s a limit to the number of requests you can send daily and you should get a warning when you reach this limit. Trying to proceed after you get the warning might be dangerous. Also, when you send requests to people you don’t know and you get reported, I don’t think it’s good for you.

4. Posting offensive updates and pictures

You’re supposed to behave yourself on a social network like Facebook, right? Posting offensive updates, pictures and videos isn’t right, you don’t need to be told. If someone reports you, your account is in trouble.

5. Sending duplicate text as messages to multiple friends

This is spamming and you can get banned by facebook bots if you do this. I hate spammers, so does Facebook.

6. You’re poking rather too much

I’m not sure how far this is true, but it’s rumored that your account might be disabled when you’re poking people rather “too much.”

7. Your account is a potential risk to other Facebook users

Just a few months back, there was a problem with facebook having pornographic pitures all over the place. It was caused by a virus and I read that Facebook “isolated” accounts affected by the virus. You should also be careful with applications you use on Facebook.

8. You’re liking too many fan pages

There’s a limit to how much pages you can like daily and ignoring the warning and passing this limit might get your account in trouble.

9. Suspicious payment information

Paying for Facebook advertisement or game credit with a credit card carrying a name different from your Facebook name may get your account disabled.

10. Affiliation with a doubtful organization or page

You shouldn’t join an extremist group or like pages that promote violence.

11. Having more than one account

Lots of people have two or more Facebook accounts and Facebook may decide anytime to delete duplicate accounts. It does happen, so be careful.

12. Facebook profiles are only for humans!

When you create a Facebook profile for a dog, a cat, an organization or anything other than a normal human being, don’t expect the Facebook team to overlook that. Business, organizations, characters should have pages, not profiles.

13. Using a fake date of birth

Never use an unbelievable date of birth like 1910 on Facebook because this is just one of the little reasons your account might be banned.

14. Posting copyrighted materials

You can’t post a movie on Facebook and expect not to be dealt with. Videos, images and other copyright materials that are not rightfully yours should not be posted on Facebook.

15. Getting reported by rather too many people

Note: If your account is disabled, there’s absolutely no trick to get you your account back. All you can do is to appeal and hope to get it back. It’s doubtful though, so it’s better to prevent it. Also, you shouldn’t rely on Facebook alone for social marketing as it’s going to be disastrous wheFacebookok finally decides to delete your account. I haven’t been using Google Plus and Twitter that much lately but writing this article is like convincing myself to wake up.

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  • I just got banned from Facebook recently and so I got another email address and.....BAM! That account was shutdown in minutes! I then got an email stating that if I attempted to get another account, legal action would be taken against me. 8 years on Facebook and now this, sad.

  • I tried to make a Facebook account a few days ago. I used my real name and gave real information about myself. The only thing that could have gotten me banned was the fact that I tried to connect my account to a game after updating my profile. Before I made an account, I'd always thought that being able to connect my account to games was a bonus, not something that would cause your account to immediately freeze. The moment I tried to add friends, it automatically logged out and told me to give them a photo of myself.

    My account is now disabled (and for a slightly understandable reason). I could appeal, but I am NOT going to send them my ID. I don't understand why Facebook thinks they have the right to ask for the ID of their users.

  • And by the way, I think that Facebook considers "extremist" anything that doesn't kowtow to the Obama/Clinton left.

  • You talk about fake names. One problem is, they decide arbitrarily if your name is fake. I remember when Prince William was getting married; I read somewhere that Facebook willy-nilly deleted a lot of people whose names happened to be Kate Middleton.

    They decide one day--and you're out. And there's almost nothing you can do.

  • If you post something about the trash at 45's rally's you can get blocked. Facebook is obviously in cahoots with the Russian hackers.

  • I got kicked off of FB for some posts I know nothing about nor does anyone in my household have access to ... any thoughts how this may have happened ? I have been suspended for 25 days for multiple offensives.... SEND HELP

  • My 8 years old account was disable when i try to appeal and i recieve the massage that im ineligible to use facebook and the decision its they even't send information why my account disable and which i violated vecause of security reasons when i try to create my new at few days its disable again so i use my other account that 7 years i never use that was happen last year.

    But yesterday its happening again they disable again without reasons and warning first of all i didnt nothing wrong i didnt spamming , post ofensive content ,impersonating someone,abuse content because i learn my lessons about happen in last year so this my story

    Start at jun7 afternoon after watching tv NBA finals when use my phone and attempt to log in some strnge happening i thougth slow conection but my account was automaticaly log out i dont know its bug or something i check my messenger but also log out i was worried because i have important contacts on my family and co workers when i try to log in and some pop out and say


    To log in your facebook account,

    You need to first confirm your identity

    Get started

    So i click get started after more than 30 sec

    I saw this and say YOUR ACCOUNT WAS DISABLE so immediately to click the help center but the problem is i cant connect for unknown reasons i waited few hours what its happening because i was shock no idea how so first send my driver license card at confirm identtity form and few hours didnt work after that i have no choice to send my appeals at my personal account disable form but until now no response from facebook ihave no idea why they disable.

    I keep checking my Gmail that connect to my facebook account and i hope they response because i can’t create another account because of thier policies.

    someone can answer this why? and someone same situation like me

    But strange i already submit my appeals but no feed back or automassage from facebook.

  • I just started a Facebook account since less than 2 weeks ago to run a small business and today I got suspended for no reason at all. I take my business seriously, never acted immorally even for a nano bit, and still I got suspended for unknown reason.

    My lesson learned: Running a business with Facebook is 100% high risk. The account owner is literally powerless and every moment is like walking on a field of land mines because there is no way when and why the account will be suspended. Once it is suspended, business contact is gone and account unrecoverable.

    I guess I have to consider myself "lucky" that my account is just at its infancy with minimal contact, thus damage is minimal. I have no idea if my account will be restored after I submitted a large photo of myself, but one thing is damn sure: I will delete my account after it is restored. I will look for social media alternatives elsewhere. By hook or by crook, I will find the best alternative for my business. Facebook is trash.