10 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S4 Blots out the iPhone 5

The Smartphone industry is taking waves with the battle between Samsung S4 and iPhone 5. The latter took the mobile industry arena as the unbeatable mobile technology in the market until the emergence of the Samsung S4. Now, Apple finds its greatest competitor for the best Smartphone technology there is in the mobile industry arena. Here are the top 10 reasons why Samsung S4 blots out the iPhone 5 in the mobile industry.

  1. Smartphone display
  2. Samsung seems to get an advantage against the iPhone 5 display. The S4 gives a bigger 5.0 inch display on AMOLED with a 1080 x 1920 HD resolution in contrast to the iPhone 5’s 4.0 inch LCD panel on LED backlit ISP that comes with only 640 x 1136 resolution. If a better retina display concerns you, then the S4 gives a better option. Samsung blots out Apple with its Gorilla Glass 3, its latest iteration that gives their Smartphone a good heads up than the regular Cornilla Gorilla Glass in iPhone 5.

  3. Camera features
  4. The Samsung S4 tops iPhone 5 in its cutting edge camera technology and features. Its 13 MP sensor overcomes the Apple’s 8 MP camera feature while the GS4 has more megapixels in every shot. Other features like the Eraser mode, Eye Scroll, Sounds and Shots and dual video recording also made S4 tops over the iPhone 5.

  5. SD slot feature
  6. The S4 again takes an advantage feature against the iPhone 5, storage wise. While both units come in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64GB, the iPhone 5 does not possesses a microSD card slot. S4 on the other hand has an expandable storage feature where you can get an additional 64 GB on microSD card slot for a better memory storage.

  7. Speed
  8. The S4 quad core processor allows the unit to run faster than the iPhone 5. The latter only runs on a dual core processor which gives the S4 twice a better speed in terms of performance.

  9. Hardware
  10. Samsung gets the advantage of speed over the iPhone 5 because it comes with a quad core 2 GHz processor which is a lot better and fast performing than the iPhone 5’s 1.2 dual core processor.

  11. Removable battery
  12. One downside to the iPhone 5 is on its non-removable battery. Once the battery gets drained, you have no option but to plug the unit into its connector and continue using the device while it is plugged into its charger. S4 on the other hand provides a battery feature that can be removed and replaced with another one if you have an extra battery on hand. You no longer find yourself tethered to the charger just to be able to continue using the Smartphone device.

  13. Versatility
  14. The S4 is powered by Android, which undoubtedly provides a more customizable options for an operating system. The iOS of Apple has more stringent security features that provide only fewer applications that you can download as compared to Android’s OS.

  15. Color Options
  16. For a Smartphone user who is looking for something that perks up their mobile unit, the color options that would be available for their device is important. Samsung gains another thumbs up when it gives mobile users 5 color options. You can choose from the traditional black and white colors that are available only on the iPhone 5 and also from colors gray, blue and red from the S4.

  17. Google Now on Samsung S4
  18. Google Now is a feature that comes with the Android OS but is responsible why S4 defeats iPhone 5’s Siri. It works as a personal assistant that keeps a tab of all your activities and information on your Smartphone and use them in order to provide you with much relevant information. For instance, Google Now understands your daily route to work and it will give you a prompt message that a heavy traffic exists on that route and will provide an alternative route for you to take. Now, Siri can’t do it with the iPhone 5.

  19. Customization
  20. The S4 is powered by the Jelly Bean 4.2 that allows its users to customize the layout of the device and appearance. It comes with a template feature that is available in the Customization Center where you can customize the device to perform various tasks.

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  • Agree with tha Title, Apple and Samsung have been struggling for the top spot in the smartphone market for close to half a decade. Is crowned the top receiver of the year traditionally, in every one of the iPhone. The Samsung galaxy s3 was the best selling smartphone in year of 2012 again will go same for s4 this year ?
    it's all about price checking and powerful features that let people to choose.

  • Well-written post and you have taken up all the comparisons. No doubt! Samsung S4 will rule the market in the upcoming months. There is a small difference between S3 and S4 then also it matters a lot. Great! Waiting for the launch of Samsung S4.

  • Samsung galaxy s4 is the latest upcoming smartphone which will break all the records of the highest selling mobile device. Samsung has already been the king of android market and with galaxy s4 it has brought the eye scrolling technology which is amazing..

  • Great work sir, my first impression about the Apple company was that; they will grow like Microsoft that barely had a rival in their time. But my thought wasn't came to be, as Apple is facing a great one and can't lead as the best phone in the market for long before getting kicked out. People love em though.

  • It all trickles down to personal preferences. The elegant finishing and refined OS on iPhone 5 won't stop users from buying Galaxy S4 so will the 8-core processor on Galaxy S4 prevent users from buying iPhone 5.

    Those seeking bells and whistles will most likely consider Android first whereas those seeking refinement will tend to go with BlackBerry or iOS.

    At the end of the day, most of us still need a laptop to do the serious work or play but a phone is just a communication gadget.

  • I am never iphone fan, samsumg rocks especially with its andriod.
    Don thanks for sharing this.

  • Great article. As per my knowledge about S4, I think it has an octa core processor (8 cores) and not quad core.

  • Yea I agree with you.Its quite unfortunate that every OEM nowadays are going the enterprise direction

  • I-Phone is for people like business persons who'd like to keep their information safe from hacking and all. So it has a lot of limitations.

    But Samsung smartphones are for those who like to enjoy each penny he/she has spent :D
    I used an I-Phone before, and shifted to Samsung before few months and I love Samsung experience !