10 Best Free SEO WordPress Plugins

With millions of blogs breathing across the internet, you may be wondering how folks will notice yours? The key starts with search engine optimization (SEO) and this is more or less the art of creating your website content well-liked and favored by search engines. You only get traffic from search engines when your content is relevant to the search queries and your website is properly optimized. WordPress is one of the best CMS and as a matter of fact, there are lots and lots of plugins available for SEO. Doing SEO the wrong way may get you penalized and you ought not to focus just on heavy link building alone without taking care of on-page SEO. To beat competiton and bloom within the web, the WordPress community developed several SEO plugins to assist you in getting noticed by search engines. Here I list the top10 SEO plugins that should help you to rank your website a lot of higher and tell bots what to index on your website and how they should go about it.

XML Sitemap Generator

This plugin allows search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc to crawl your website more easily. With a sitemap, search engines will know where to crawl as all your URLs are listed in the sitemap and this makes it easier for bots to discover your inner pages. XML Sitemap Generator is quite easy to use and there’s not much settings to do to get it to work. It’s a must-have for every WordPress blog. Download Plugin

Seo Rank Reporter

As the name implies, it’s helpful for generating your web site traffic rank. You will be able to get a rank report for a selected keyword and you’ll be able to compare it with all of your competitors. You’ll also be able to conjointly set associate degree alert so you’ll be able to be notified if any changes happens. All the results (rank reports) area unit are shown in graphical illustration and can be exported in .csv files. Download Plugin

SEO Content Control

This plugin helps you to identify and fix  weak contents within your wordpress website that can negatively affect search engine optimization. Lots of bloggers often forget to incorporate meta description within some posts and even some of your articles may be too short to rank well on SERP. This plugin takes care of these and more, making your blog user and search engine friendly.  Download Plugin

Broken Link Checker

Too much broken links within your blog can have some major downsides. It has negative impacts on your website; furthermore it reduces your blog ranking. This WordPress broken links checker plugin ensures all the links within your website are valid. It checks ans reports if there are broken links. Also, this plugin can prevent search engines from following broken links and another interesting feature is that it also notifies you about broken images and redirects on your website. Download Plugin

All in One SEO Pack

One of the most important things in search engine optimization are meta tags and this include meta description and meta title. All in One SEO Pack takes care of your on-page SEO and this includes making sure you don’t have duplicate content appear on Google search by de-indexing archive pages among other things. This plugin mechanically and automatically optimizes the wordpress blog for search engines. It supports several options like google analytics support and so on. Download Plugin

SEO Friendly Image

Search engine don’t crawl your pictures because it crawls solely the text, it’s vital to optimize your image name with alt tag attributes so as to rank better in image search. Putting the right name for your pictures is one among the key things to notr in SEO since Google indexes the texts not pictures. This plugin automatically fixes your images, adding alt and title attributes to your images giving search engines proper description about the image for the instance image. The plugin is hightly configurable with options to control exactly how you want it to work and fix issues with your images,  Download Plugin

Redirection Plugin

WordPress re-direction plugin helps you maintain your Pagerank in its own little way. When there are lots of error 404’s on your website, it gives a bad user experience ans it says a bad thing about your site to search engines. This plugin helps you keep track of these errors and manage 302 redirects without the need for you to direct modify .htaccess file. It’s especially great if you deleted some pages or did some changes on your WordPress site that affects your URLs. Download Plugin

W3 Total Cache

Page load speed is one of the factors always considered when ranking sites and apart from this, users tend to stay longer on a fast loading site. This plugin helps you to realize a decent loading speed of your pages through caching and serving such cached pages to visitors. This also helps reduce CPU usage to a certain degree. As your pages takes longer to load, frustrated visitors may close the tab once and for all, thereby increasing your bounce rate. These may be avoided by using this W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin. Download Plugin

WordPress SEO By Yoast

Acclaimed as the WordPress SEO plugin that works right out of the box, this plugin is written from the bottom up by a WordPress SEO advisor and developer, Joost de Valk, to boost your site’s SEO in all required aspects. Whereas this WordPress SEO plugin goes the extral mile to care of all basic and technical optimization, it also helps you write high quality content. WordPress SEO forces you to settle on a spotlight keyword once you are writing your articles, and so makes certain you utilize that focus keyword appropriately. Download Plugin

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  • Can you help me, how to fix the below error in my blogger

    Duplicate title
    The page title "My Tech Info" is the same as on 57 other pages of the website. You should use unique titles for your different pages. This makes sure that the pages are described uniquely and do not compete with each other for keyword relevance.

    Other pages that use this title:

  • Wow , todas esas 10 SEO wordpress plugins son muy útiles.
    Tal vez tengo que probarlos uno por uno para ver cuál es el que más me gusta .
    Gracias por su fijación .

  • Wow, all these 10 SEO wordpress plugins are very useful.
    Maybe I need to try them one by one to see which one I like best.
    Thanks for your posting.

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  • This list of free SEO wordpress plugins are really helpful and most recommended one for any business website. This helps in generating more visitors to the website.

  • Nice job!! I need to choose some good SEO plugin for my new WP, this article will help me lot.. My question is which one to choose Genesis inbuilt SEO(sub-page duplicate Title problem) or AIO SEO or Yoast SEO? please clear my doubt..?? Thanks in advance!

    • I would suggest you to start with AIO Seo Plugin. Its quite easy to use and if you are new with wordpress, then it is the best plugin for SEO

  • You are right, i also love the inbuilt features never bordered about another plugin though i have used all in one seo but the inbuilt genesis SEO features is more simple and the best for me

  • Awesome list but Don for those using premium theme like genesis that has SEO features in built, is it still necessary to look for another SEO plugin like ALL IN ONE SEO PACK etc

    • Personally, I use the in-built SEO feature in Genesis. I stopped using too much SEO plugins due to CPU usage issues.